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Nationwide Moving and storage service
moving services

Cross-country Moving

In search of a swift cross-country move? Petra Pro Movers provides an expedited option, ensuring relocation in just 5 business days. Highly streamlined and efficient, this moving service ensures a rapid transition to your new home, offering the agility and promptness desired for your long-distance move. Opt for Petra Pro Movers for a reliable and speedy cross-country relocation experience.

full packing services

Full packing

To ensure a stress-free move, opt for our full packing service at Petra Pro Movers. Our team of experts meticulously packs all your belongings using premium supplies and expertise, handling everything from fragile items to hefty furniture in a professional manner. This guarantees a safe and organized journey to your new destination. With Petra Pro Movers, you can trust in a comprehensive and secure packing experience, making your move a breeze.

fast delivery

Fast delivery

Require prompt delivery for your items? Opt for Petra Pro Movers and experience lightning-fast delivery. Utilizing our expedited service, you'll find your belongings at your new doorstep in just 5 business days. Petra Pro Movers is the epitome of swiftness, reliability, and efficiency, making us your top choice for a seamless and speedy moving experience. Rely on us to deliver on time, every time.

moving company

Moving experts

Embark on a hassle-free move with Petra Pro Movers and our team of dedicated moving experts. Our professionals will guide you meticulously, ensuring a smooth and efficient moving process from planning to execution. We provide personalized solutions tailored to suit your unique needs, ensuring every step of your relocation is seamless and pleasant. Rest assured, our experts will handle your move with care, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.

Petra Pro Movers LLC
Your trusted and reliable moving company

We, a trusted moving group, offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs. Whether it's a local or long-distance move, we've got you covered. Our services encompass packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking, all with a focus on the safety of your possessions. As a leading and dependable moving company, we prioritize trust and satisfaction. Open communication and personalized service are our cornerstones. Rest assured, your belongings are handled with utmost care, exceeding expectations and mirroring our own. Your contentment is what defines our success. In summary, we cater to diverse moving needs with a personalized touch. Local or long-distance, we ensure a secure journey for your belongings. Our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Trust us to handle your move with care and professionalism, promising a smooth and satisfactory experience.


Petra Pro movers LLC its a nationwide full service moving company registered under: DOT 3965858 MC 1480430, You can look us up up through company snapshot at FMCSA


We believe all clients should be served with an authenticated and accredited moving company. You can chek our rating at BBB official website.


Petra Pro Movers LLC operates through four main warehousing hubs, Kentucky, Florida, California and New Jersey, using our own trucks and professional we assure our shipper highest security and reliability of the moving services

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Pick up : KY - OH - IN - IL - TN - WV - FL - GA - CA - NV - AZ - NJ - NY - PA - CT - DE - MA - VA - ME - VT / Delivery Nationwide

How It works

petra pro movers llc

Authenticate your moving company

To ensure the authenticity of a moving company, employ FMCSA guidelines by cross-referencing the provided DOT and MC numbers. This straightforward process allows for a quick and accurate verification of the company’s compliance and accuracy, offering you peace of mind during your moving journey.

In authenticating a moving company, utilize Google’s stringent verification process, where the business and its location are meticulously verified before any posting. This meticulous verification instills credibility and trust, ensuring a seamless and reliable moving experience.


To authenticate a moving company, turn to BBB’s verification process, specifically seeking an accredited business status. This step guarantees credibility and ethical standards, essential for a trustworthy moving partner.

For authenticating a moving company, refer to the Moving Authority website and verify its registration with the appropriate authorities. This step ensures compliance and legality, vital for a secure and regulated moving experience.

Get your information ready

Preparing for a move involves meticulous planning and organization to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Start by gaining a clear understanding of your move’s scope and nature. This includes handling various item categories, from standard household belongings to delicate furniture and prized possessions like pianos or artwork. Each category requires distinct handling skills and often professional expertise.

To kick off the process, create a comprehensive list detailing all items for the move. Categorize them based on nature and fragility to prioritize special attention and appropriate packaging. Sorting belongings room by room provides a systematic approach for tracking and accounting for everything, aiding moving companies in providing an accurate quote.

Additionally, evaluate your destination’s readiness. If it’s not ready for moving in, inquire about a 30-day free storage service from your chosen moving company. This option guarantees the safety and proper storage of your belongings until your new residence is ready to receive them.

Before reaching out to a moving company, compile essential questions and considerations. This proactive approach ensures all your queries are thoroughly addressed during your appointment, preventing crucial aspects from being overlooked. Being well-prepared and organized guarantees a clear understanding of the moving process, ensuring a seamless transition.

In conclusion, a successful move relies on meticulous planning, detailed organization, and effective communication with your chosen moving company. Following these steps and considering your unique needs will lead to a stress-free and efficient transition to your new abode.

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moving services


Creating a comprehensive inventory list is vital for a smooth move, forming the basis for an accurate quote. Documenting each item allows the moving company to grasp your move’s scope, aligning their estimate precisely with your needs.

On moving day, this inventory list comes alive as the team loads your belongings. They meticulously document each item, assigning specific numbers and lot IDs. This systematic approach ensures efficient loading and acts as a checklist to verify the safe loading and accountability of all items.

Moreover, the inventory list proves pivotal upon arrival at your destination. During unloading, the team cross-verifies items against this list, ensuring the safe delivery of each item. Any discrepancies or missing items can be promptly addressed, providing you peace of mind.

To sum up, a detailed inventory list is a fundamental tool in the moving process, aiding accurate quoting, organized loading, and efficient unloading. Meticulously documenting and tagging each item guarantees a well-coordinated move, with your belongings accounted for at every step.

moving company

Team of experts

moving company

Creating a thorough inventory list is vital for an accurate quote and a seamless move. By documenting every item, you provide valuable insights to the moving company regarding the scope and nature of your move, enabling them to offer a precise estimate that meets your needs.

On the day of the move, this detailed inventory list becomes active as the team loads your belongings. They carefully document each item, assigning specific numbers and lot IDs. This systematic approach not only ensures efficient loading but also serves as a checklist to verify that all items are safely loaded and accounted for.


Moreover, this inventory list plays a pivotal role during unloading at your destination. The team cross-verifies items against the inventory list, confirming the safe delivery of each item. Any discrepancies or missing items can be swiftly addressed, providing you with peace of mind.

In summary, a well-documented inventory list is a fundamental tool for an accurate quote and an organized move. It facilitates efficient loading and unloading processes. Meticulous documentation and tagging ensure a well-coordinated move, where your belongings are accounted for at every step.

Moving experts

Moreover, upon arrival at your new home, this inventory list plays a crucial role. As the team unloads, they cross-verify items with the list, ensuring the safe arrival of each piece. Any discrepancies or missing items can be quickly resolved, providing you with a sense of peace.

In conclusion, a well-detailed inventory list is fundamental for an organized move. It aids in precise quoting, streamlined loading, and efficient unloading. By meticulously documenting and tagging each item, you ensure a well-coordinated move, where your belongings are carefully tracked every step of the way.

Day of the move

On the day of your move, expect a smooth and organized process with Petra Pro Movers. Three days before your move, we’ll reach out with a confirmation call, verifying the precise timing of our arrival for pick-up. At the agreed time, a team of skilled moving professionals will arrive at your location with a Petra Pro truck. All your possessions will be expertly wrapped using top-notch moving supplies and loaded with the utmost care into the truck. Should you need to make alterations to the agreed delivery days or have any queries about the pick-up or delivery process, feel free to reach out to our office for assistance. We’re here to ensure a stress-free and efficient moving experience for you.


Following pick-up, in instances where immediate delivery isn’t required and storage is preferred, Petra Pro Movers ensures a secure warehousing process. Our adept moving professionals will transport your shipment to the nearest Petra Pro Movers facility for storage. At the warehouse, a dedicated manager oversees the unloading process, meticulously matching each item to the inventory list. The shipment is then carefully sealed on pallets, prepared and organized for future shipping on your designated date. To streamline this process, kindly notify Petra Pro Movers at least 2 weeks in advance of your preferred delivery date, ensuring a smooth transition from warehousing to your new location.

fast delivery


At Petra Pro Movers, we prioritize efficient and flexible delivery services. For those seeking a swift relocation, our expedited service ensures delivery across the country within just 5 business days. Alternatively, we offer a regular delivery option, taking between 14-21 business days for a more flexible timeline. You have the freedom to choose the delivery option that best aligns with your needs, and should you wish to make changes, a simple call to 833-833-2502 will allow you to modify your delivery preferences. Your convenience is our commitment.

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