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California to Texas: The Exodus Continues

Unlocking the Migration Trend

The great migration from California to Texas is gaining remarkable momentum, and Petra Pro Movers LLC is here to unveil the trends and motivations behind this mass exodus.

A Decade of Change

In 2021, a noteworthy migration occurred with 111,000 people moving from California to Texas. This daily average amounted to 300 individuals, showcasing an impressive 80% increase compared to 2012. This data originates from a thorough examination of U.S. census and IPUMS information by StorageCafé. 

The Pandemic's Impact

The upheaval caused by the pandemic introduced remote work opportunities, triggering a paradigm shift. People sought refuge from high-cost urban centers, opting for more affordable and spacious regions.


The California-to-Texas Surge

In Addition, Between 2016 and 2021, Californians relocating to Texas surged by 36%, outpacing a minimal 0.1% rise in migration from other states. The American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates emphasize this trend. 

"The Steep Cost of California Living"

First of all, Professor Rogelio Saenz of the University of Texas attributes the migration trend to California’s expensive housing and living costs. He emphasizes the crucial metric of comparing median household income to median home value in each state. 

Sustainable Trends

The continual ascent of housing prices and living costs in California, coupled with Texas’s affordability, is poised to maintain this significant migration flow in the foreseeable future.


Millennials Leading the Way

In 2021, California had a high ratio of $7.63 median home value to $1 income, compared to Texas’s $3.55. California’s median home value was 2.7 times higher than Texas. 

Texas's Allure

Beyond lower housing costs, Texas offers a myriad of attractions for Californians. These include a no-income tax policy, a lower overall cost of living, burgeoning employment opportunities in the tech and energy sectors, and notably lower utility costs, approximately 20% less than California.


The Business Magnet

From a business perspective, Texas has actively cultivated a welcoming environment for enterprises. Over 100 companies have relocated their headquarters to Texas since 2020, with 40% originating from California.


A Million-Dollar Difference

Texas homes cost $282,000 less on average than California, a 70% difference. Moving from San Jose to Dallas can save over $1 million, with a 258% price gap.


Renters' Relief

Renters can also experience substantial financial relief in Texas. Across 18 migration routes, renters can save over $1,000 monthly compared to their Californian origins. A move from Los Angeles to El Paso, for example, can result in monthly savings of $1,578.


Everything Bigger in Texas

Homeowners and apartment dwellers relocating to Texas can savor more substantial living spaces, with homes offering an average of 17% more square footage compared to California. Apartments, too, provide approximately 6% more living space.
The move from Los Angeles County to Collin County provides buyers 1,055 extra square feet and renters 124 more. Routes from Santa Clara County and Orange County offer homes 57% larger than in California. 
The migration from California to Texas is not merely a geographic relocation; it symbolizes a quest for financial freedom, abundant opportunities, and enhanced living standards. As millennials and diverse demographics continue to reshape this migration landscape, Petra Pro Movers LLC stands ready to assist in facilitating seamless transitions and unforgettable journeys to the Lone Star State.

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